Summer outings and events

Our resort village is ready to accommodate both larger and smaller groups and families all year round. We are located in the Haljala Parish, on the grounds of the former Toolse summer camp. People who want to enjoy the beautiful natural world, as well as those who value privacy, are invited to join us. The seaside is within walking distance and you can explore the Toolse castle ruins.

If you are looking for a quiet and unique location, staying overnight on the North coast might be exactly what you need. We have different types of lodging to suit your needs: those who value comfort are welcome to stay in our holiday home, whereas those who find beauty in simplicity can stay in our camping huts surrounded by pine trees. Naturally, you can order a delicious meal and book a place to unwind. We have both indoor and outdoor party areas and you can even enjoy some healthy relaxation for the mind and body, as visitors to our holiday home have a soothing sauna at their disposal. The terms and conditions for renting the party room and sauna can be found in the price list. We offer everything you need to organise an event: accommodation, catering and a place to spend a memorable time together.

If you are planning to have a holiday, do it right: organise the whole party with ease!